Chanel injection: anti-aging mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a modern way of injecting a mixture of vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of your skin. This treatment is well-known for its rejuvenating and hydrating effect. It is advised for those people who have dehydrated and saggy skin. As many people know, mesotherapy is a highly effective skin-revitalizing treatment that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, accelerates your skin's rejuvenation process, and makes it more elastic and firm.  The result you will get is a youthful skin that is healthy from deep inside. 

Chanel treatment is an anti-aging revitalizing mesolift therapy that improves skin aging. Chanel injection is a unique combination of 55 ingredients including vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, minerals, and enzymes that perfectly restore the skin layers and deficiencies.  This treatment reduces the fine lines and improves the skin's texture. It can be administered with either tiny nanoneedles or a mesotherapy gun that can inject th…

Using jaw muscles after "Square jaw Botox"

Usually, when patients undergo the “Square jaw Botox” procedure, we recommend them not to use jaw muscles too much and avoid any activities involving the use of jaw muscles. This is one of the important instructions after the procedure.
 Why is that? This is because when one uses their jaw muscles too much, it will develop the jaw muscles bigger and as a result, the effect of the Botox cannot be fully achieved. Therefore, after square jaw botox, it is advisable to avoid repeating those instructions above and eating very tough types of food. 

The more you use jaw muscles, the bigger they get. This applies not only to the jaw muscles, but this is true for types of muscles in our body. If you do not correct the habits of frequent use of muscles and follow the post-procedure guidelines, it would be hard to see the results. 

Thus, we highly recommend that you correct the habits of opening mouth wide. In addition, the result of the procedure does not appear immediately after the procedure. It …

Why do more and more men undergo the correction surgery?

Otoplasty is one of the favorite surgeries among the students. Especially, these days more and more men are undergoing correction of prominent ears surgery. This surgery is becoming even more popular among male customers rather than females. Why is that? Well, the main reason is that women can cover their ears with their hair, whereas men cannot because of the short length of hair. Since they cannot cover them, the protruding ears stick out and become more visible. 

Before we go through how to correct the prominent ears, let us first understand what the prominent ears are and their causes. First of all, the prominent ear is a condition in which ears stick out from the sides of the head. This is mainly because the cartilage of ears is not folded but evenly spread. The condition of prominent ears does not cause any physical or health-related problems for the people, however, some people may feel psychological discomfort by thinking that prominent ears negatively affect their outlook. 

To …

Special services for our international customers

01Translation and Interpretation ServiceThe most important part of the treatment process with foreign customers is communication. Accurate, right, and precise exchange of information between customers and a doctor is very vital. For this reason, there are permanent coordinators with excellent foreign language skills who are helping customers from Japan, China, Vietnam, Russia, and English-speaking countries in their languages.

02 One-to-one special care Every customer is accompanied by one coordinator who will be with them throughout the whole treatment process. Each coordinator is in charge of foreign customers starting from the pre-surgery consultation to the time a customer leaves the clinic.We do also provide our customers with such services as hotel reservations, airport pick-up, shampooing service after surgeries or procedures. Those who visit our clinic all by themselves will not feel any discomfort and loneliness.

03Plastic Surgery, Laser treatment, Skincare, and Spa therapy- al…

All-inclusive services

Various kinds of beauty procedures including plastic surgeries, injections, laser treatments, skincare, spa therapy are available in one place. That means that you will not have to spend time visiting each medical organizations separately.

She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic is famous for its anti-aging surgeries among customers of both in and outside South Korea. One of the top favorite ones involve eye wrinkle and face wrinkle surgeries. Apart from blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty surgeries, dermal injections like Botox and fillers are also in the top list of favorite procedures.

A combination of skincare and laser treatment with spa therapy results in high-level satisfaction from our customers.All the aesthetic procedures that She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic offers is unique and differs from those of other clinics and hospital. That difference is love and passionate commitment that we demonstrate

Crow's feet removal with Botox injection!

With aging, the skin loses its elasticity and temporary wrinkles turn into permanent features due to the constant movement of the muscles and the delicateness of skin in this specific zone. If you are considering a non-operational method of removing wrinkles and fine lines, you might have considered a Botox injection. This injection is a unique treatment that is able to combat visible traces of lines and wrinkles around your crow's feet area.

Botox is an injectable medical treatment that eliminates the appearance of wrinkles. Botox has the ability to relax the muscles around the corners of the eyes. Before the treatment, a cool compress is compressed in order to minimize the pain of the procedure. Botox is specifically injected in the skin around the corner of your eyes using a fine needle. After the procedure, you will notice that even when you smile and laugh, your crow's feet will stay smooth and almost invisible. The results typically last for 2 to 6 months depending on the…

When will do surgery scars disappear and improve?

Most people turn to plastic surgery when they want to remove wrinkles on the eye, face, and corners of the eye. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag. This is the main reason contributing to the formation of wrinkles. However, the main concern that the majority of people are worried about is the marks (scars) and surgery scars after the surgery. And these are the two frequently asked questions by our customers: “when do the incision mark fade and how long does it take to fully recover and have a natural appearance. 

Swelling is a normal thing after all types of surgeries. It takes less than 1 week for swelling to go away. In case of surgeries involving a slightly bigger incision such as facelift, the operation area may swell for about 2~3 weeks. Depending on each individuals’ body constitution, the surgery marks and scars will gradually disappear within 1~2 months. 
And the incision scar will become far less visible. The important thing that every patient must keep …